Panasonic ES-LV81-K Arc5 Men’s Electric Shaver

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Panasonic ES-LV81-K Men’s 5-Blade(ARC5) Shaving System with Nanotech Blades


Panasonic Men’s wet/dry shavers are packed with smart, innovative, features that deliver a remarkably close and comfortable shave. The ES-LV81-K is a 5-blade (arc5) shaving system which means more foils for better coverage and reduced shaving time. In addition, its nanotech blades are honed at an acute 30-degree angle enabling whiskers to be cut more cleanly at the root. The multi-flex active pivoting head allows the shaver glide uniformly over the chin and the jaw line for more efficient coverage and maximum comfort. The 14,000 fast, linear motor drive system eliminates the tugging and pulling that can occur with slower shavers and also maintain peak power right up to the end of the charge. The automatic cleaning/charging system cleanses the shaver with a hygienic, alcohol-free solution while removing stubble and debris. Panasonic’s ES-LV81-K comes equipped with a travel pouch, 10-stage LCD display, switch-lock button and pop-up trimmer. Other optional accessories include: foil (WES9171PC), blade (WES9170PC) and set (WES9030P). Dimensions: 6.3-Inch(h) x 2.8-Inch(w) x 2-Inch(d), 7.1-Ounce . Don’t forget to review the Top Electric Shavers Here.

Three distinct foil patterns work in combo to capture and cut even the most difficult parts of your beard.

30-Degree Stainless Nanotech Blades

Lift-Tech Foil

Features reverse-tapered edges that lift and cut beards that lie flat.

Face-Hugging Multi-Flex Pivoting Head

Finishing Foil

A specially-shaped finishing foil captures and cuts even the most stubborn beards which makes for a great electric shaver for men.

Fast, Linear Motor Drive

Slit Foil

Slit structure easily catches long beards. The long beards that are difficult for other blades to catch are cut to the ideal shortness for shaving.

Panasonic’s advance shaver technology improves your daily shaving routine.

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Face-Hugging Multi-Flex Pivoting Head

Face-Hugging Multi-Flex Pivoting Head

Head motion range: approximately 25 degrees back and forth, approximately 20 degrees left and right.
Conforms to neck, under the chin area, and jaw line.

30-Degree Stainless Nanotech Blades

30-Degree Stainless Nanotech Blades

Nano polished 30-degree-angle stainless hypoallergenic blades cut hair at its base for ultimate precision.

Fast, Linear Motor Drive

Fast, Linear Motor Drive

A rapid-fire 14,000 cycles per minute linear motor drive delivers a faster, closer shave. The fast, linear motor ensures a quick cut, eliminating pulling, tugging and irritation.

Multi-fit Arc Blades

Multi-Fit Arc Blades

Five independently floating blades follow the contours of your face, chin and neck for a close and smooth shave.

Automatic Cleaning and Charging System

Automatic Cleaning and Charging System

Cleans, dries, renew and charges the unit automatically keeping the blades sharp and ready for the next shave.

Wet/Dry Shaving

Enjoy the convenience of a quick shave using the dry operation or use wet, with foam or gel, for a smooth shave. Three stainless steel hypoallergenic blades and foils provide comfort and less irritation for sensitive skin types.

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