Simply some couple of years back Electric Shavers were horrible. They were extremely expensive and far from providing a close shave. It made use of to be a waste of cash! Then, Braun included their series of cutting-edge razors that changes the idea of electric shaving for great. This Braun series 7 790cc Pulsonic shaver system is the best creation of...

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 Panasonic ES-LA63-S Mens Electric Shaver Review High-Tech Coverage The Arc 4 shaving system includes four foils for better coverage and reduced shaving time. Panasonic men's electric shavers feature 30-degree-angle Nanotech blades to cut hair at its base for close, accurate precision. Hypoallergenic blades and foils cause less irritation for sensitive...

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Twin independent floating cutters and foils work on wet or dry skin for silky smooth results. Two full-size trimmers provide the ultimate in close shaves. The unit is rechargeable, with each charge allowing 25 minutes of run time.Twin independent floating cutters and...

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Every year we read about new breakthroughs with Top Rated Electric Shavers  and electric shaver reviews from popular companies but time and again they turn out to be mere marketing gimmicks. When we lack to do good research it can be sheer disappointment despite what they claim their shavers can do. Have a look at the Top Electric Shavers.

Electric Shaver Reviews

Braun Series 7-790cc Pulsonic Electric Shaver

Top Rated Electric Shaver 2015 - This electric shaver is one of Braun’s most popular advanced electric shaver in its Series 7 Collection and is highly sought after by consumers. It garnered lots of positive reviews from its users and mostly comes on top of any list of electric shaver reviews found online...​Read More Here...

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Very long time ago before the use of razors, individuals used 2 shells in order to pull out hairs or with the use of a sharp tool and water. Then later, copper tools were introduced around 3,000 BC and razors made of copper were designed. Then comes 'Alexander the Great' who extremely promoted shaving to prevent adversaries benefiting from beard-grabbing when in battle throughout his policy in the Fourth century BCE, as well as Alexander thought that it looked more tidy.

These electric shavers were just used for dry shaving only. Now with the advancement of innovations, electric shavers can be used both for wet/dry shaving, it can offer closer shaves as well as features its own auto-cleaning system.

The 2 Kinds Of Electric Razors: Foil and Rotary Electric Razors

Electric shavers include a set of rotating (rotary shaver) and oscillating blades (foil shaver). These blades are enclosed in a punctured metal display with slits or holes where hairs are captured, pushed through and cuts hairs once it reaches the blades. So, the metal screen works as a protection in between the skin and the sharpness of the blades.

Rotary electric shavers are typically composed of 3 round cutting heads, forming a triangular structure where shaving is done in round activities (needs some practice to produce comfy and effective shaving-pattern). They are best in cutting thick and longer hairs, and reaches well in curvy-areas of the face.

Best Electric Razors

Basing on experience on a specific kind and brand of shaver is among the best advantages you can have when picking your best electric shaver. Therefore, if you have a great experience on a particular kind and brand of an electric shaver, you might wish to stick to that as your skin responds well and obviously, basing upon the efficiency you had also. What if you do not have any experience as this will be your novice use?

You may read reviews and consumer's feedbacks in order to get some ideas. However remember, it is not perfect to judge an electric shaver if you haven't use it for a month. Primarily, the skin will adjust on the new shaving approach whether it will be your first time usage or switching to a various electric shaver. And it likewise takes time to produce some pattern before getting comfortable with an electric shaver.

Best Rated Electric Shaver Specifications

  • Cutting Efficiency-- Ideally, search for an electric shaver that runs higher than or equal to 10,000 revolutions per minute (RPM).
  • Dry or Wet Shaving-- If you're fun of shaving while taking a shower, then you have to consider if the shaver supports wet/dry functionality.
  • Car Cleaning & Charging System-- Some best electric shavers for men have its own car cleaning-charging dock so you don't need to do much to preserve its proper health and battery power of a shaver.

However, it takes some space and little extra cost for its cleaning cartridges. Well, most (if not all) electric shavers are now rechargeable.